206-living-with-strokeLiving With Stroke: A Guide For Families (Fifth Edition)
In the latest edition of this widely utilized resource you will find the most up-to-date information on stroke care.
206-living-with-brain-injuryLiving With Brain Injury: A Guide For Families (Third Edition)
This updated edition helps people living with brain-injured survivors—both families and professionals—keep up with the latest resources, strategies and facts on brain injury treatment.
206-BeyondPleaseAndThankYouBeyond Please and Thank You: The Disability Awareness Handbook for Families, Coworkers and Friends
This handbook provides a guide for those who want to be more sensitive about their interaction with the disabled.
206-spinal-cord-injury-handbookThe Spinal Cord Injury Handbook: For Patients and Their Families
This important guidebook will guide spinal cord injury survivors and their families through the sometimes overwhelming maze of getting back.
206-multiple-sclerosisMultiple Sclerosis: A New Journey
Today the mystery of MS is rapidly unraveling and this book takes you through the newest research and treatments available.