Beyond Please and Thank You: The Disability Awareness Handbook for Families, Coworkers and Friends

206-BeyondPleaseAndThankYouThanks to the American Disabilities Act, most of the physical barriers have been removed to help the disabled lead a more independent life. Unfortunately, there are barriers made of beliefs and values that still stand strong.

There is no law preventing someone from being insensitive, and the first step toward fighting insensitivity is education. This book includes sections dealing with etiquette on the job, within the family, out on a date and in public, to ensure that those with a disability receive the respect and dignity they deserve.

Also included is a unique ‘Disability Awareness Questionnaire’ to help the reader test their own disability awareness.

This book is a must for schools, community centers, churches, synagogues, local YMCAs, corporate offices, human resource departments, hospitals, outpatient centers and doctors offices.

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