The Spinal Cord Injury Handbook: For Patients and Their Families

206-spinal-cord-injury-handbookWhat makes spinal cord injury so traumatic is the fact that the body is immobile while the brain is intact.  Patients know what is going on. They know the full extent of their injury. But this difficult fact also means they can learn to return to their life and begin anew. Education becomes a lifeline.
This important sourcebook provides that education, guiding readers through the sometimes overwhelming maze of getting back. Patients, family members and healthcare providers will find this book to be a resource that teaches:

  • how to handle the natural fears, concerns and questions that accompany spinal cord injury
  • the nuts and bolts of spinal cord injury rehabilitation
  • how to do specific range-of-motion exercises
  • how to find the best resources—from wheelchairs to rehab facilities
  • much more

A resource you will refer to over and over again, this handbook will become an invaluable tool for your rehabilitation, your care and the rest of your life.

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