A frequent national and   international speaker throughout his 40 year career, Dr. Richard C. Senelick remains a humorous, influential voice—inspiring medical professionals, patients and families alike to look at illness and rehabilitation through a different lens.

Whether it’s exploring traumatic brain injury or providing an engaging look at new frontiers in neurorehabilitation, Dr. Richard C. Senelick has an array of lecture topics that  can be adapted to your organization, group or company’s needs.  His teaching style makes learning easy and fun. No one nods  off during a Dr, Senelick  presentation.

To inquire about availability or discuss the needs of your organization, please contact us.

Lecture topics

Can Technology Make You Smarter
Cognitive enhancement and online cognitive programs are becoming increasingly popular. This presentation looks at the scientific evidence for and against this process. We are on the edge of a new era with medications and computers.

Sports Related Concussions and Mild Brain Injury
Mother’s are increasingly worried about whether their children should be playing football, hockey and even soccer. Dr. Senelick looks at the causes of mild brain injuries and the long term consequences of playing competitive contact sports.

The Aging Brain
Dr. Senelick looks at the difference between “normal aging” and the beginning of Alzheimer’s Disease. What changes take place in brain? Should we test people for Alzheimer’s Disease and what can we do to prevent cognitive decline?

Brain Injury: A Look Inside
This informative, lively 60 minute lecture presents high quality graphics and actual pictures of the human brain to show areas of damage, explain brain repair and healing mechanisms and the major symptoms and problems that occur after brain injury.

Stroke: Why It Happens and How to Prevent It
This lecture explores one of the most devastating brain injuries, stroke, taking an audience on a journey to learn about the anatomy of a stroke, risk factors, treatment and prevention.

Neural Repair and Plasticity” Why Rehabilitation Works
An exploration of neural plasticity and the vast opportunities it provides for the treatment of stroke, brain injury or spinal cord injury survivors.

Free Audio Books

Dr. Senelick’s classic books on brain injury are now available as audio books. Stream or download these audio books at no cost.